The OMEGA-soft Ltd. is a company owned by private persons. It has been working continually since 1992, the year of its foundation. The main field of activity of OMEGA-soft Ltd. is supporting enginnering work with computer programmes:

  • Developing and selling of CAD systems
  • Delivering complete CAD working places
  • Supportint of the introduction of CAD systems
  • Developing of individual systems

Our systems are developed by taking into account of the professional experiences of our clients. By that the users can use devices, that - because of the built-in algorythms and calculations - can increase the labour efficiency, can reduce of occurence of mistakes caused by human activity. Based upon the OmegaCAD systems developed by us, the experiences gained during the developments having done so far and the knowlidge of the experts of the client, we undertake to develop individual systems too. Using its owns material and professional resources, our firm tries to satisfy the demands of our clients at a high professional level, with high realibility and flexibility at a competitive price. In order to meet these requirements, we operate a quality system according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.